NEW! Skin Genetics Portable Hydrodermabrasion Device


It's not just any other device


Hydrodermabrasion uses the latest hydroabrasion technology from our three cutting edge powerful tips to gently and deeply remove dead skin, revealing the soft skin underneath. By lifting dead skin cell layers, it improves skin cell renewal. Therefore, helping to slow down the effect of skin aging and improve hyperpigmentation.


By activating the Hydrodermabrasion's ultra-fine bubble technology, it removes impurities deeper within the skin. This process allows the device to extract trapped sebum, pore impurities, bacteria, dirt and deep dead skin cells - reducing the size of your pores and leaving your skin refreshed, clean and clear.


Hydrodermabrasion infusion uses the power of water to dramatically hydrate the skin deeper - leaving you with a plump, smooth and youthful skin.

Take it further: Defy Your Age!

Since your personal skin care is important to us, we have also developed three powerful serums which will work towards diminishing everyone's personal skin problem. So why spend thousands of dollars going to the Dermatologist if you are now able to achieve the same result from the comfort of your own home?

These potent serums work well with our Portable Hydrodermabrasion device, targetting your specific skin problems such as: dry skin, excess sebum, breakouts, signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and dullness. Simply put 1-2 drops of your personally selected serum into the Hydrodermabrasion water reservoir, fill the rest of the reservoir with water for an enhanced skincare experience.

Three powerful serums

AS1 Serum

Skin Type: Dry - Normal Skin

1. Effectively unclogs pores.

2. Moisturizes the skin by trapping the water inside the skin

3. Removes dead skin cells from the skin surface, revealing the youthful skin underneath


SA2 Serum

Skin Type: Oily Skin

1. Removes excess oil from pores.

2. Prevents overproduction of sebum by deeply balancing the skin's moisture,

3. Reduces acne inflammtion

4. Improves skin elasticity and delays skin aging


AO3 Serum

Skin Type: All Skin Types

1. Lightens the appearance of hyperpigmentation and skin dullness

2. Brightens the skin

3. Improves skin immunity

4. Improves skin elasticity and protects skin from aging